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With decades of collective experience working both for and alongside Eurotherm, Ramcare has developed substantial ties with this Worthing-based process equipment manufacturer. Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation, systems and services designed for the efficient operation of industrial processes. Since 1965 the Eurotherm brand has provided specialised solutions for energy intensive and regulated industries, and today continues to design and manufacture configurable precision machine, process and power controllers and associated data recorders that enable its customers to get the most from their process. As a company we are very familiar with Eurotherm's product range and share their commitment to quality and innovation. Ramcare have engineered and assisted in the completion of all sorts of process control and automation systems using Eurotherm equipment. As a result, we have been available to give solid technical support and carry out on-site maintenance, as well as UKAS calibrations where applicable, on Eurotherm controllers, recorders and power switchers since day one.


Having previously been affiliated with Silvertree engineering (known for their IceSpy wireless monitoring systems), Ramcare have been working with Hanwell Solutions since 2012 to provide wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems which are user friendly and competitively priced whilst delivering accurate, easily attainable and dependable data. Superseding and replacing System 5, the all new Hanwell IceSpy delivers a totally reliable and flexible wireless monitoring system that incorporates many technological breakthroughs in wireless monitoring. Hanwell's IceSpy brand is well-established throughout the cold-supply chain for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless monitoring within fridges, freezers, and heated and dry storage facilities. With options for many different applications available, each configurable to suit the specific needs of the client, the IceSpy series can be easily purchased calibrated to UKAS standards through Ramcare with further options for site installation and staff training available throughout the UK. Ramcare also offer support on the original IceSpy RL system (often known as 'Comark IceSpy'), system 4 and IceSpy system 5 products, including UKAS calibration and assistance in upgrading from system 5 to IceSpy Legacy or IceSpy Legacy to Hanwell IceSpy.


Established over 30 years ago, Unitemp Ltd is a specialist environmental engineering company that offers testing equipment for tough environmental conditions, whether they be temperature, humidity, vibration, highly accelerated stress screening, or highly accelerated life test. They have extensive experience in developing solutions for applications in electronics, automotive, transport, aerospace & laboratory markets. With the recent push toward electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions, test chambers for battery cell evaluation & stress testing have also become a major priority. Unitemp is the UK distributor for the world-renowned range of ESPEC environmental test chambers, and has a proven track record of integrating modern electronics and control technology with mechanical refurbishment to improve performance and investment. Unitemp also specialises in the design, installation and commissioning of modular custom environmental rooms. Following an agreement between Unitemp and Ramcare, users of thermal and environmental engineering equipment will now have a complete package of sales, service, support and ISO/IEC 17025 standard of calibration that has previously not been possible in the UK.


Ramcare have recently expanded their approved partner base to include pressure, flow, level, pH and conductivity measurement specialists, Foxboro. Foxboro by Schneider Electric offers complete solutions from instruments in the field to the control room to enable you to optimize your assets; people, equipment and plant. With a history of innovation, Foxboro Field Devices provide reliable and trusted solutions across a wide range of industries. Longevity and a low cost of ownership come as standard with all Foxboro products, owing to their industry leading robustness and minimal service requirements.  All measurement solutions from Foxboro are available as wireless units, with valve positioners coming as wired control units only. Ramcare are now able to offer even more complete and integrated wired process control solutions using Foxboro components to incorporate additional parameters into our designs and further the extent of our expertise.



Ramcare depends on Rotronic equipment to uphold its longstanding UKAS accreditation for both temperature and relative humidity. Rotronic is an international development and manufacturing company that offers a wide range of products and solutions in the B2B segment. Founded in 1965, the company is headquartered in Switzerland and now has 8 subsidiaries and 42 distributors. Rotronic develops and manufactures solutions for measuring and monitoring relative humidity, temperature, CO2, differential pressure, pressure, flow, dew point, and water activity. Rotronic make some of the most advanced and dependable equipment available; it goes without saying that Ramcare are proud to be an approved distributor of such goods. Ramcare can also provide on and off-site UKAS calibration on all temperature and humidity products made by Rotronic.


Working Partners



Ramcare has been working with Isatec since 2008 to deliver calibrated monitoring systems and data collection units to customers all across the UK in a host of varied industries. Originally only supplying high speed data collection systems for use with process and packaging machinery, Isatec have since applied their experience and skills to wireless temperature monitoring. Ramcare work alongside Isatec, helping to make sense of all types of temperature measurement and provide total transparency within the supply chain for suppliers of perishable goods, storage facilities and many other clients.

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