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Ramcare have extensive experience using loggers of all types and regularly supply hospitals, food & drink establishments and warehouse facilities with loggers from many manufacturers. Temperature and relative humidity loggers are especially popular, with many other parameters also being conveniently loggable using a 4-20mA or 0-5V device.


Ramcare has experience with calibrating the following products:

  • Comark (EVT2, N2011, N2012, N2013, N2014 & N2015)
  • Eltek
  • ETI (Thermadata)
  • Hanwell
  • Lascar Easy Log (EL-USB-2 & EL-USB-1-LCD)
  • LogTag (TRIX-8, TRIX-16, TREX-8, TRID30-7, TRED30-16R, TRIL-8, TREL- 8 & HAXO-8)
  • Madgetech (HiTemp140 & Temp101A)
  • Omega
  • Pico
  • Rotronic (Hygrolog)
  • Squirell
  • Tempsen (Tempod 30, Tempod 50X, Tempod 100X, Tempod 200X, Tempod SP, Alpha T30, Alpha TH30, Alpha T50X, Alpha TD80, Alpha TD80S & Alpha TUX)
  • Tinytag (Transit 2 & Talk 2)


Top quality Hanwell Pro data loggers are available off-the-shelf or made to order depending on your monitoring requirements and provide fast and accurate data within small to medium or isolated areas. These can be used as a standalone solution, for transportation purposes, or in conjunction with a wireless system.


Rotronic data loggers fulfill the FDA requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 5. They are extremely accurate and easy to use. The data can be accessed wirelessly, via a network, or directly with the HW4 software. The data can be saved in tamper-proof LOG mode or in Excel files. For added security, the measured data from the data logger is monitored and stored redundantly online on a server or PC. A large range of interchangeable probes enables high flexibility in use and simple maintenance of the system.


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