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Ramcare supply many energy consumption monitoring solutions to ensure that your processes are as efficient and profitable as possible. The power switchers we supply are front runners in their respective classes and deliver the upmost in control, felxibility and reliability.


Eurotherm's new Epower line makes both monitoring and routing power easy and streamlined. The product line offers improvements over previous generations in many areas, including:


  • Flexibility - advanced technologies in harmony with modularity and ease of use to deliver your power control needs
  • Efficiency - world class power control with innovative features to minimise your energy costs with exceptional process performance


Efficient and intelligent use of power is important to any process. New load sequencing, load sharing and load shedding features standard on the thyristors supplied by Ramcare ensure that energy is used only where necessary and that demand is spread evenly across a power network. They are also fully modular, allowing for one common driver module to pair with up to four single channel power modules. This is especially useful when considering future upgrades that may need to be carried out.


The PLM software in Eurotherm's Epower is able to predict how power will be required and when, reacting accordingly to prevent  spikes and reduce total power consumption. Furthermore, the system can be synchronised with local energy usage patterns to ensure that users pay the minimum rate on the energy they use.


Environmental test chambers are also used in this field to test and validate battery and fuel cells. As working partners, Ramcare and Unitemp supply, install, service, calibrate and carry out temperature uniformity tests to ISO/IEC 17025 standards on these test chambers.


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