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Environmental Chambers


Ramcare is a UK distributor, through Unitemp, of the world-renowned range of ESPEC environmental test chambers, and has a proven track record integrating modern electronics and control technology with mechanical systems. Ramcare can also provide and assist in the design, installation and commissioning of custom environmental rooms.


Bench-top Temperature & Humidity Chambers


Bench-top chambers delivering environmental testing performance in a compact design. Available in 20l and 60l capacities, these models offer temperature ranges from -20°C, -40°C, or -60°C to 150°C or 180°C while maintaining stability. The chambers come with user-friendly touch panel display and a whole host of options for expandability.  Additional cable ports can be added as required to allow three-way access to the chamber for flexibility.


Thermal Shock Chambers


Now more reliable than ever, ESPEC’s Thermal Shock series chambers stand out for their utmost flexibility and are available in several versions to suit different testing needs. With new instrumentation featuring significantly increased processing speed and network connectivity, it is now possible to monitor and manage the status of test chambers in remote locations while sitting at your desk. This new functionality results in more reliable tests and is intended reduce the workload of the user.


Walk-in Test Rooms


Standard and custom walk-in rooms deliver easy access to the temperature or humidity testing performance you need. The walk-in type chamber is already renowned for its potential for huge power savings, achieved thanks to a wide-range refrigeration control system, an active map system and other specialist and original control devices. Energy consumption can now be as little as half that of the previous model, thanks to the development of a cross out control system lowering electrical requirements of the temperature & humidity operation and many other features.


Industrial Ovens / Temperature Chambers


ESPEC’s Temperature Chambers are suitable for a broad range of applications from high-temperature testing, to heat treatment or drying for production lines. Several volumes are available in horizontal (PH series) or vertical (PV series) models.


High performance chamber

A temperature-indication controller with an advanced PID operation, and an originally developed chamber configuration provide unmatched oven performance. Temperature uniformity, constancy and recovery as well as a fast heating time are ensured with the upmost reliability.


Wide model selection (PH series)

Providing a total of 16 ovens with combination of temperature range, capacity, and instrumentation.


A space-saving upright chamber (PV series)

Components are incorporated into the top portion of the vertical chamber, reducing installation space by 20% to 60% (comparison with conventional model). Increases productivity on the production line, and saves laboratory space.


Test Chamber Management Tools


In response to increasing demand for the coordination of test equipment and surrounding devices, ESPEC has developed the new “ESPEC ONLINE SERIES” providing easy-to-use test chamber management web based software allowing you to design your own centralized control system.


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