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Ramcare provides process control solutions and calibration services for many plants and processes, including water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, effluent plants and any manufacturing plant that has a real or potential impact on the environment. On top of this, Ramcare supply a wide range of flow meters, pH sensors and level sensors to the paper and pulp industry, further reducing waste and damage to the environment.


Complying with regulations Ramcare reduces the environmental impact of your processes through accurate calibration and advanced control solutions. We provide Quality Assurance for the processes that have an environmental impact – for example in CO2 discharge or water purity.


As we are regularly audited and are assessed and found to adhere to ISO/IEC 17025 standards by UKAS, we ensure your equipment is properly calibrated so that your organisation can comply with:


  • Local council and governmental regulations
  • Current health and safety regulations
  • Environmental regulations. Such as the BSEN ISO 14001 Environmental management standard.


Our proven solution is to apply advanced data loggers which provide documentary proof of your environmental monitoring.


Supporting the widest range of processes in environmental monitoring, Ramcare provides process control solutions and calibration services for many processes, including:


  • Boiler leak detection system
  • Steam monitoring
  • Wind direction and speed monitoring
  • Waste water plants
  • Monitoring quality of sewage before discharge


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