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Ramcare have been an approved partner of Eurotherm since 1995 and to this day supply a host of controllers, recorders and power switchers to a range of different industries.




Single loop controllers are used to control a thermal or process machine in systems which need a single control loop or discrete devices.


We offer the following single loop controllers with various specifications available for each: EPC3000, 3200, 2132, 2200, 2400, P304 and piccolo.


Multi loop controllers are used to control a thermal or process machine in systems which need more than one control loop within a single system. Using multi-loop over single-loop can save installation time and costs by giving you one common connection point with less wiring and panel cut outs. Downtime can also be reduced as multi-loop controllers can be changed without powering down the system.


Multi loop controllers are capable of small machine control with advanced features and options. Flexible I/O options to control and measure a multitude of processes including temperature, carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, level, viscosity and additive dosing.


We offer the following multi loop controllers with various specifications available for each: 2500, 2604, 2704, 3500, Mini8 and nanodac.


Available in four standard DIN formats and complementing our range of world class PID controllers the Eurotherm range of indicators and alarm units provide accurate temperature or process measurement, clear indication with alphanumeric messaging and versatile alarming strategies.



Ensure your precious process data is kept safe with our range of state-of-the-art recorders and data management software. Along with some of the best, proven recording and archiving strategies, Eurotherm recorders offer a wealth of functions including batch, audit trail, electronic signatures and remote viewing/operation – ensuring operational efficiency is optimised and enabling you to convert data into the information required to add value to a process.

Easy to use, secure and adaptable paperless graphic data recorders from Eurotherm Chessell with features that enable validation to 21 CFR Part11, remote viewing, custom graphics, email/text message alerts, web browsing, math, logic and much more. Large internal flash memories with secure data recording, audit trail and electronic signatures. All versions of the 6000, 6100 and 6180 are available through Ramcare, as well as the versadac and nanodac.


Eurotherm Chessell has an extensive family of strip chart recorders, ranging from one input, preconfigured units with an analog scale display, to recorders handling over ninety inputs with a range of advanced features including math capabilities and serial communications. At present, Eurotherm offer the 392 paper chart recorder. It is user configurable with up to 4 pens.

Power Controllers & Switchers


Basic ON/OFF power controllers provide effective replacements for the more traditional relays and contactors, offering a number of additional features and benefits including extending the life of heaters.


Our range of solid state relays can drive resistive heating elements from a few watts up to hundreds of kW. Models are available to take AC and DC logic signals as well as analog inputs. Currently available from Eurotherm is the ESwitch.


Improve process performance and save on energy costs with our formidable range of power products. Covering all types of load and voltage, these reliable products offer features such as high performance alarm strategies and advanced diagnostic load fault detection and are supported by our vast experience in all types of power control applications.


Eurotherm SCR Power Controllers are suitable for multiple applications, whether the load is constant or variable resistance, inductive or transformer coupled, single or three phase. The standard product line has current ratings up to 1800A, but application specific units can range up to several thousand amps with external driver options.


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