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Food & Drink Industry


Ramcare helps you successfully tackle quality, manufacturing and consistency challenges. We always work to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. That means your products and processes will easily meet the most stringent criteria imposed by the FDA and Health & Safety regulations. But our work is more than about meeting regulatory standards. Our procedure-based approach ensures absolute consistency so that even the most exacting internal standards are met. Furthermore, there are cost savings to be had by ensuring that processes operate at the most efficient temperature.


Supporting the widest range of departments and processes Ramcare provides process control solutions and calibration services for many departments and processes, including:


  • Distillation columns
  • Fermentation vessels
  • Pasteurisation
  • CIP process
  • Baking and Conveyor ovens
  • Gas burners
  • Freezer and cold stores
  • Mixers and blenders
  • Bottling plant
  • Carbonisation process
  • Monitoring and control of water treatment plant
  • Effluent plant monitoring and control
  • Hygiene system


Product Information

We are able to provide the following with regards to products in the Food & Drink industry:

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