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The Healthcare industry is one of the largest users of temperature monitoring equipment. Ramcare provides process control solutions and calibration services for departments and processes that have a potential impact on patients and the environment. We have a detailed knowledge of CSSD monitoring, the hospital sterilisation process and regulatory

requirements for sterilisation.


We are regularly audited and are assessed to adhere to ISO/IEC 17025 by UKAS. We ensure your equipment is properly calibrated so that your organisation complies to current Health & Safety regulations for the legionella monitoring system (LMS) in public places.


Ramcare supplies devices for full traceability and solutions for:

  • Quarterly and annual testing procedures
  • Paperless systems
  • Batch input
  • As well as portable equipment for internal comparison testing.


Supporting the widest range of departments and processes Ramcare provides process control solutions and calibration services for a wide range of processes and equipment types, including:


  •   Steriliser monitoring and control
  •   Autoclave control
  •   Boiler control for service facilities
  •   Wash/disinfector monitoring
  •   Blood storage monitoring
  •   Quarterly and annual testing
  •   Test equipment
  •   Specimen storage


Our ISO/IEC 17025 compliant standard practices enables us to assist in meeting all manner of industry specific regulations, including those required by hospital auditing bodies such as the MHRA. Our fastidious level of attention to detail and commitment to our customers as well as our accreditations mean that the best service possible is delivered, no matter the requirement.


Environmental chambers used in healthcare are supplied as part of Ramcare and Unitemp's joint venture. Between the two companies, chambers can be supplied, installed, serviced and calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


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