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Humidity & Dew Point Calibration


The UKAS calibration of all types of humidity measuring instruments is available both on and off site through Ramcare. Our dew point & relative humidity calibrators and reference instruments are peerless within the industry and ensure that reliable and dependable results are obtained in every calibration. A certificate will be issued in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 standards after a dew point and relative humidity calibration is completed.


We have been assessed by UKAS and are accredited to carry out dew point and relative humidity calibrations using a chilled mirror reference in the following conditions:


Dew point: ‐20°C to 38°C

0°C to 10°C: 5%rh to 90%rh

10°C to 40°C: 5%rh to 95%rh

40°C to 60°C: 5%rh to 90%rh


We can also carry out checks on humidity controlled chambers to the same standard from 10%rh to 90%rh at 10°C to 50°C.



The types of units we can calibrate include:


  • Handheld humidity instruments & hygrometers
  • Control systems & chart recorders
  • Humidity Data loggers
  • Wireless humidity transmitters
  • Environmental chambers
  • Industrial humidity transmitters
  • Handheld weather stations



 Click here to see our full UKAS Schedule for Humidity & Dew Point Calibration 



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