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Ramcare has extensive knowledge and experience installing many different types of process control solutions and the knowhow and expertise of our engineers means that every install, modification and inspection is carried out to the highest standards. Our bespoke solutions have been installed in all sorts of industrial settings and most installation requirements can be met with ease. Our process control solutions include specification, design, configuration, installation, commissioning, calibration and ongoing technical support.


Once a customer's requirement is fully understood, an initial proposal including specification is put together and if agreed and found to meet the user's requirement, the project will commence upon Ramcare winning the tender. From here, our engineers will configure the system for the customer to review in a demonstration. Following the installation of the completed system, our engineers will attend site to commission it. Upon satisfactory completion of this step, the system is signed off by the customer.


Ramcare undertake projects of all sizes, from a single sensor to fully automated multi-loop SCADA control systems for:


  • Furnaces for heat treatment
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Temperature and humidity chambers
  • Packaging and blister packing
  • Dryers and kilns
  • Power controllers
  • Creep testing for metrology processes
  • Pasteurisation and carbonating processes


Ramcare also find specialty in installing monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry, manufacturing plants, storage & distribution facilities and food & drink establishments. Our experience in providing recorders, loggers and wireless monitoring systems, as well as holding extensive calibration contracts for existing systems, makes us highly proficient in configuring, installing, maintaining and providing technical support for products from most manufacturers.



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