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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of humidity measurement equipment. Benefit from Ramcare’s extensive experience and proven attention to detail. We understand FDA and other regulatory bodies’ requirements for monitoring storage and production facilities and have proven expertise in pharmaceutical environmental and stability chamber monitoring. Our detailed understanding of process validation means we can provide a solution that meets all key regulations and our UKAS assessed methods can aid your company in routinely meeting FDA requirements. By maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, your products are of the highest quality and your processes work to the highest efficiency. Pharmaceutical plants also benefit from the joint expertise of Ramcare and Unitemp when it comes to supplying, installing, servicing and calibrating environmental test chambers.


Production areas must be carefully monitored to verify conditions. To avoid unnecessary validation, stand alone data acquisition devices are used, typically chart recorders, as they have no software and produce a permanent record. Validated data loggers offer the same convenience with improved data manipulation, ease of use and a lower cost.


Often a pharmaceutical organisations and transportation and freight forwarding storage facilities will require its freight forwarders to monitor storage facilities and inform them of any undesirable conditions.


Supporting the widest range of departments and processes, Ramcare provides process control solutions and calibration services for many departments and processes, including:


  •   Fermentation process
  •   Freeze drying process
  •   Hydrogenation process
  •   Tablet coating process
  •   Mixers and blenders
  •   Equipment sterilisation
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Packaging industries


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