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Rotronic is a Swiss-based manufacturer of precision Temperature, Humidity, Low Dew Point, Moisture, indoor CO2, Process & Differential Pressure and Airflow instrumentation. The sensors provide measurements that can be relied upon, the factory specifies highest possible performance as good as ±0.8 %rh and ±0.1°C. Ramcare are able to distribute all of Rotronic's products throughout the United Kingdom; sensors, indicators, loggers and calibrators.


Products are available for applications across industry providing the perfect measurement solutions. Calibration accessories, including the portable HygroGen2 calibrator (which is in a class of its own), enable end users to check sensor performance between annual accredited laboratory calibration. All products have 24 month warranty (HG2 one year). Ramcare are pleased to supply and support all Rotronic products.


The extensive range of devices available from Rotronic can be used with a selection of interchangeable temperature and humidity probes for process measurement across -100°C to 200°C and 0%rh to 100 %rh. Due to the digital interface, probes are easily exchanged in seconds without adjustment being necessary, saving production downtime. Rotronic probes can be calibrated and adjusted, should this be necessary. Devices include handhelds; data loggers with the Rotronic continuous monitoring system (RMS) with all data available securely anywhere and on any device; measurement transmitters with analogue & digital outputs for controlling processes, and meteorological products and accessories.


Technical datasheets are available for all Rotronic devices. Ramcare will be pleased to suggest suitable products for any application and provide a detailed quotation.


Rotronic is also a member of the Process Industries Technology Group, providing a suite of instrumentation for process and environmental monitoring and control. These products ensure safety, increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption – saving customers a considerable amount of money every year.



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