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Temperature Calibration


Ramcare is assessed by UKAS to ISO/IEC17025 and is accredited for on and off site temperature calibration from -90°C all the way up to 1000°C. We use top of the line calibration and reference equipment from the industry leaders to deliver swift, consistent and reliable calibration services both on and off site. We are accomplished in using dry block calibrators and highly accurate reference sensors to calibrate all kinds of stand alone thermocouple, RTD and thermistor probes. As well as this, we offer the same standard of calibration for data loggers and wireless transmitters with built in sensors using temperature controlled chambers and comparison against our primary standards. This service is also available both on and off site.



• Resistance Thermometers (PRT)

• Thermocouples

• Temperature Block Calibrators

• Temperature probes with Indicators and Recorders

• Temperature Data Loggers

• Handheld thermometers

• Wireless temperature transmitters

• Temperature controlled fridges, freezers & incubators

• Ovens and furnaces

• Environmental chambers (inclusive of associated indicators, controllers and recorders)


 Click here to see our full UKAS Schedule for Temperature Calibration 




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